#ZumaMustFall Organisers Are White

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Johannesburg Metro Police Department (JMPD) announced this morning that it has granted permission for a #ZumaMustFall march that is planned to start in Braamfontein and end in Newtown.

It has been reported though that all organizers of the march are white although it is not clear as to what link do they have with some media houses that have been pushing for the #ZumaMustFall initiative. 
“Final arrangements will be done tomorrow [Wednesday] morning when organisers meet with representatives of the Johannesburg Metro Police Department events unit to finalise the route and exact time [of the march],” Chief Superintendent Wayne Minnaar said.
This comes after President Zuma appointed a new Finance Minister four only four days. Many people expressed their unhappiness about the appointment Mr Van Rooyen as Finance Minister. People took to social media and asked Zuma to reconsider his appointment.

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Zuma finally gave in to people’s requests and withdrew Van Rooyen whom he replaced with Pravin Gordhan. Major banks and other organizations expressed their happiness for the return of Mr Gordhan. The rand gained 80 cents against the dollar in just 2 hours after Zuma’s appointment of Gordhan.

During the period of Nene as Finance Minister, the rand has continued to slide all the way down. Attempts had been made but he rand further lost its stability.
The ANC has defended Zuma’s decision of returning Gordhan as Finance Minister although most newspapers are not as convinced.

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