Zuma instructs Pravin Gordhan to return to South Africa Immediately

SONA Speech 2017

President Jacob Zuma has instructed the Minister of Finance, Mr Pravin Gordhan and Deputy Minister Mcebisi Jonas to cancel the international investment promotion roadshow to the United Kingdom and the United States and return to South Africa immediately.

It is reported that the trip was not authorized but Gordhan, Jonas and director-general Lungisa Fuzile embarked on it anyway. Business Day reported that the trip had already been cancelled before the trio left the country. It is not clear as to why they ignored the cancellation, a move which has raised suspicions about investors meeting.

It is understood that all top officials of departments involved in Sassa debacle were instructed to monitor the situation until the 1st of April. Finance Minister Gordhan is one of those officials.

The Presidency released an official statement although it did not provide details on why Gordhan has to return with immediate effect.




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