Why #ZumaMustFall Campaign A Total Failure

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The #ZumaMustFall campaign that was staged across South Africa turned out to be a total failure. White South Africans dominated the march all over the country and black people were just nowhere to be found. Does this mean only white people are fed up with President Zuma?

There has been a number of other campaigns like #BringBackTheLand but whites were nowhere to be found. Cosatu organized a march called #EndUnemploymentSA and only black people joined the march. The list of marches and campaigns staged in SA is just endless but white SA did not join any of these. Do you remember the #RhodesMustFall campaign? Where were white SA? Why is it that they came out in numbers on this one?

The number of white fellows that we saw yesterday exceed even those you normally see on DA marches. 

Black South Africans are well aware of questionable decisions that President Zuma has made in the past. Take for instance the sacking of Minister Nene last week, black people were as upset as whites were. But why is it that whites SA claimed to have been mostly affected by the decision?
Zuma’s sacking of Nene caused the rand to plummet to lower levels. This meant that those who are wealthy and control capital felt the pinch. Millions of rands were wiped out in foreign capital markets. But who owns and control that capital? White South Africans!
Often white South Africans accuse black fellows of holding on the past. They say that black people still see things in colour. ‘Stop pulling the race card’. 
This #ZumaMustFall march exposed us to the world that we remain a divided society. The fact that the march was staged after Zuma’s decision impacted financial markets is evidence that what divides us is economy and wealth. Our economy is racially biased and favour whites SA only. 

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We hear of unemployment but why is it that only black people are unemployed? If this was real unemployment as defined in economic terms, you would have a 70% – 30% spread according to race. All you see is black people camping all over our industrial areas looking for a job.

Black South Africans are well aware of this. They are also aware of the fact that millions of rands were looted by the apartheid government and was used as capital to setup corporations that are running our economy today. If we are to deal with corruption, we must do that honestly without bias. 
To claim that Zuma is corrupt and then lobby black people to take to the street will never work. We cannot be selective about corruption. People also know that white colour crime is rife in SA and that its beneficiaries are mostly white. 
The call to have Zuma sacked is surely underpinned by racism and hatred of Zuma because of the effect he has on economy that is owned and controlled by whites.

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