White Capital Losing Control of SA Mining & Treasury Under Zuma

Plot Against Zuma Thickens, White Capital Losing Grip On Mining & Treasury

[The rise of white capital defenders like Sipho Pityana and others is just a writing on the wall which reveals that a storm is brewing and Oppenheimers are really worried]

Breaking NewsPresident Zuma threw the cat among pigeons when he appointed Finance Minister Des van Rooyen and activist Minister Mosebenzi Zwane into the strategic Ministry of Mining. This was Zuma’s first transgression, his support of BRICS is unforgivable sin and white capital is determined to end his rule now.

It is not a surprise that the narrative that the problems of South Africa are solely the creation of President Zuma and the Guptas is circulated by media agencies owned by Johan Rupert and friends. These include ENCA, City PressNews24, Daily Sun, Sunday Sun, Jacaranda FM, YFM and others. Stop wondering why these will never publish a single article against the DA.

The rise of white capital defenders like Sipho Pityana and others is just a writing on the wall which reveals that a storm is brewing and Oppenheimers are really worried that their dirty rule and control of South Africa is ending soon.

If you are stick stuck on whether Guptas committed any crime or not then you are still far from realizing what is going on in South Africa. White monopoly does not understand how it happened so quick that Zuma restructured everything they always thought they own. Just when they were still scratching their heads about losing control of the mining sector, Zuma simply introduced an outsider as finance minister.

This was the biggest scare which happened last December and they were left wondering as to how easy was it for President Zuma to find and place a total outsider at the helm of Treasury they had always controlled. The appointment of Des van Rooyen gave white capital the biggest shock of their lives. Using Treasury and the our central bank, the Reserve Bank, they decimated the rand and promised more economic terrorism. Because Zuma understands the dynamics of war, he backed down and gave white capitalists the benefit of the doubt. He is not done yet!

The crippling of the our untrusted Treasury opened a can of worms and many institutions that benefit from white capital were crippled and are still wounded. The public continues to ask questions that media is trying so hard to suppress. How is it that banks can collude and close out a business without providing valid reasons? Ask Oakbay Investment for an answer since they bear testimony and they will tell you a long story about how a sting of white capital feels like.

It looks like things are settling down and Zuma clearly has won round one. The West sponsored #ZumaMustFall campaign failed dismally and the constitutional court did not find Zuma guilty of any criminal act except that he had to pay back the money. The fact is that the Constitutional Court found that the whole National Assembly violated the constitution but because media is gunning for one man, that point is totally disregarded. If these two campaigns had succeeded Zuma would have been removed before the President of Brazil.

In order to punish Zuma and the organization that continues to defend him, the ANC, an attempt to starve State Owned Enterprises was unleashed when Old Mutual controlled Future Growth illegally pulled out of Eskom and lobbied other investors to follow suit. This was a biggest mistake by Future Growth which opened eyes to many who soon started pointing fingers at Trevor Manuel who is Old Mutual’s chairman and also former Finance Minister. Could he be part of the plot?

The trick employed by white capital to use media to continue spreading threats that Rating Agencies are going to downgrade our economic status have not deterred Hawks from demanding answers from Pravin Girdhan. If Hawks succeed and Gordhan finally gives in, white capital strategy and ammunition will be known to Zuma and the ANC will have been handed over a set of keys to unlock a house full of treasure. White capital will then have to start all over again to find yet another candidate within ANC ranks to use for its gains.

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By Sazi Matikwe




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