[Video Leaked] Here Is SABC Hlaudi Motsoeneng Really Said

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SABC CEO, Hlaudi Motsoeneng says print media must be accountability with independence 

SABC CEO Sticks To His Guns, Media Must Be Responsible and Accountable

SA media has been lambasted for portraying the SABC CEO, Hlaudi Motsoeneng, as reckless in his comments about media regulation. Motsoeneng was speaking at an event hosted by SABC2.
He clarified that his views were directed at print media. He believes there there must be regulations that ensure that journalists, like any employee, can be held accountable for misleading reports. Motsoeneng emphasized that journalism is a very important profession that needs serious attention in order to be able to create more opportunities for young journalist. To allow reckless journalist to report ‘as they wish’ will lead to the death of the profession. 

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He believes that a body needs to exist that will ensure that there is accountability which must be balanced with the desire to generate revenue. Questions were ask as to whether media really represent the views of the public or is driven my revenue generation desire.
People took to social media to defend Motsoeneng’s views, citing cases where journalists published wrong reports and had to withdraw them later.
What media headlines are not telling the public is what Hlaudi actually said. We have decided to attach a video that captures his views.




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