Tshwane Mayoral Committee 73% Whites, Males

Solly Msimanga’s Tshwane Mayoral Committee 73% White and 20% Black

The DA has been criticized for appointing 73% whites to it’s Tshwane mayoral committee. Solly Msimanga announced his mayoral committee and was promptly accused of continuing with what the DA did when it took over the City of Cape Town.

Tshwane is more than 75% black African but only 20% of them are represented in Msimanga’s mayoral committee.

Msimanga’s leadership team includes Randall Williams in agriculture; Darryl Moss in infrastructure; Cilliers Brink in corporate and shared services; Marietha Aucamp for roads and transport; Mare-Lisa Fourie in finance; Derrek Kissundooth in community safety; Sakkie du Plooy in health and social development, Bruce Lee in economic development and Mandla Nkomo as the member for housing

The ANC’s Tshwane spokesman, Teboho Joala, expressed his disappointed and dismayed that the DA posture remained white oriented.

“The ANC Greater Tshwane Region notes the announcement of Tshwane Metro Mayoral Committee with utter disgust and dismay. Mayor Msimanga proves that while he holds an Executive Mayor position, he is but a puppet of white masters within the Democratic Alliance.” said Joala

“Masimanga appointed five white males out of ten available Mayoral Committee positions, with only two black Africans and three females. This composition undermines and reverses great transformation agenda that is underpinned by racial and gender equity which the ANC-led goverment had already consolidated.” Joala said.

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