Tshwane ANC Gives DA EFF-Style Opposition

Tshwane DA Has A Tough Time Dealing With ANC In Opposition Benches

City of Tshwane council speaker Rachel Mathebe is facing a huge challenge and does not know whether to call the police or security guards into chambers as ANC councillors refused to leave the chamber after she ordered them to do so.

“Police are not allowed in this council. There is nothing in the rules that says you must call police,” said ANC councillor.

According to the ANC there is no rule in this book which allows for police to be brought into the chamber to deal with disputes between councillors.

It has emerged that the DA appointed chair of chairs was not appointed according to the procedure in the rule book.

“You cannot continue recognising this person. Regulations dictate that the chair of chairs should be a chairperson of one of the committees. This man is not a chair of any committee therefore we cannot proceed. You keep saying that the ANC is corrupt and you are doing this.” said ANC councillors as chaos erupted.

DA Tshwane mayor Solly Msimanga had no choice but to try and negotiate a way forward with the ANC.

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