Thabo Mbeki: I Remain A Member of The ANC

Former President Thabo Mbeki Confirms His ANC Membership

Former President Thabo Mbeki has decided to expose lies spread by media as he confirms his ANC membership and support. This comes days after rumors were circulated by some media houses suggesting that Mbeki is no longer interested in ANC matters and its election campaign.

Mbeki decided to issue a statement that clarifies his ANC support.

“I have been and remain a member of the African National Congress (ANC) in good standing. The Gauteng ANC Provincial Secretary, Hope Papo, can confirm this fact.

Any information other than that provided by the ANC or the Thabo Mbeki Foundation in this regard has no factual basis and is most likely generated to impact on the outcome of the August 3 Local Government elections.” read Mbeki statement.

The statement was also posted on his Facebook page which has close to 500K followers.

Mbeki’s statement flies at the face of a campaign aimed at isolating him for the African National Congress. It is believed that some opposition parties are working with media to weaken the ANC just before elections.
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