Thabo Mbeki: I Don’t Think Zuma Must Go

Former President Thabo Mbeki Disappoints #ZumaMustFall Campaign

Former President Thabo Mbeki has broken his silence and joined many who do not think that President Jacob Zuma must step down.

Responding to a question asked by Adam Treger, Mbeki says that Zuma is not to blame for what is going wrong in the ANC but the entire executive committee.

“I don’t think (Zuma must go), no I don’t,” Mbeki said.

“There are wrong things that are happening with the ANC, but I think it’s the fault of the collective leadership. For instance, the ANC has a National Executive Committee: a body which takes decisions for the ANC between the conferences where the whole party meets, and that is the body that must take responsibility for what’s gone wrong.”

President Jacob Zuma and former President Thabo Mbeki.

Mbeki believes that the ANC NEC was correct to take collective responsibility for the decline during municipality elections. Although about 15 million people rallied behind the ANC, it lost major metros throughout the country.

“Even if you removed President Zuma, let us say just hypothetically, it would change nothing,” he said.

Mbeki’s views have disappointed many who are calling to President Zuma’s resignation.

He also defended Zuma’s decision to change finance ministers. “The President can appoint and dismiss ministers, and he doesn’t have to explain to anybody why he has done this. So, if the President didn’t want the Finance Minister, he would change him. He doesn’t need to take him to court,” concluded Mbeki.
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