SAA Dudu Myeni Exposed R100 Million Global Corruption

Only 2% of R24 Billion Goes To Black Business and The Rest To White Capitalists

City of Joburg councillor Leanne Williams is determined to reveal reason behind SAA board chairman Dudu Myeni’s victimization.

According to Williams, corruption was rife at SAA and Dudu Myeni became the target after she uncovered “white male corruption which includes the sale of tickets by an international scam based in Brazil that is costing SAA R100 million a month”.

Williams warned that more details on global corruption and fraud that Myeni stopped would be made available to the public soon.

Williams’ account of events implicate SA’s richest man, retail mogul Christo Wiese, who she accused of using his position as board chairperson of Mango, a subsidiary of SAA, to enrich himself.

“It was during his tenure as Mango board chair that a decision was taken to sell the airline’s tickets at Shoprite, where he is the controlling shareholder,” alleged Williams.

“This procurement process was not above board since no such tender was advertised. It is irregularities such as these that Myeni is questioning that have led to so much resistance by beneficiaries of corruption, who are now doing everything possible to vilify and demonise her. They are leaving no stone unturned to see to it that Myeni is removed so that they can keep milking SAA for their own benefit.” said Williams.

It was reported last week that R24 billion of SAA’s annual budget, only 2% of this was allocated to black business. The rest went to white capital. Myeni is seen to be challenging this and has made proposals to introduce new policies aimed at benefiting black businesses.

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