Ronnie Kasrils Surprised by DA Public Meeting Advertisement

Kasrils Surprised by Democratic Alliance’s Social Media Advertisement

Former ANC national executive committee member and former intelligence services minister Ronnie Kasrils has expressed shock after seeing a DA invitation on social media, which claimed that he will be speaking in its political event.

The DA event banner said that Kasrils would speak at an event organised by the opposition party on its future prospects and the ANC’s succession battle in December.

“I am surprised to learn of your advertisement of a DA public meeting featuring me as former ANC Minister. I have not agreed to any such public meeting,” said Kasrils in a letter to the DA.

“I kindly and considerately agreed with Liz that I would visit the late Peter Fisher’s office to speak privately to his fellow office workers at Ward 59; in the context of my friendship and respect for Peter. Once this was agreed upon a message from you was informally conveyed asking whether I would share some of my political views. I agreed to that but not with respect to an open public meeting or anything other than a small private chat lasting 30 minutes of sharing viewpoints. It is well known that I am by no means a DA supporter.” read Kasrils letter to the DA.

The DA has not responded to Kasrils letter as many have accused the party of ‘dirty tricks’ to win the public’s favour.

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