Read What Malema Told Oxford University During His UK Tour

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Julius Malema has accused Mugabe for his opportunistic approach to land grab politics. He was address student at Oxford University last night.
News reports speculated that Malema is visiting the UK to raise funds for EFF’s election campaign. He was reported to have met with Lord Robin Renwick who is believed to be EFF’s funder.

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Lord Robin Renwick is a former UK ambassador to SA before 1994, he also has connection with coporate SA through SABMiller, BhP Billiton and many others. He is also linked to banking sector through JP Morgan ( Europe). Renwick was appointed to House of Lords by PM Blair in 1997.
This is what Malema said:
“We are not going to do what the Zimbabweans have done; of drawing the blood of innocent people. There’s nothing wrong with Mugabe’s policy on land, but there’s everything wrong with the method used to obtain the land.

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“We cannot have people killed, injured because you want your land back…Mugabe had more than 25 years to pass legislation through democratic means that would systematically take the land back, he did not do anything about it.
Mugabe only introduced that policy at a time when he was losing power, it was opportunistic…” Julius Malema, Address to the Oxford Union, November 25 2015

Malema’s statement has shocked many since he appeared much calmer then his normal rantings on various platforms.




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