Ramaphosa Surprisingly Defends Zuma On Radical Economic Transformation

Radical economic transformation is not just another rhetoric or Zuma’s slogan, but it is real

In a move that has surprised many, Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa has strongly backed President Zuma on radical economic transformation. Ramaphosa was addressing Black Business Council in Sandton on Wednesday.

“Time is over that black people do not participate in the economy of their own country. Radical economic transformation must happen now,” said Ramaphosa.

Ramaphosa was joined by BBC’s President Danisa Baloyi, who told the audience that apartheid economic systems should change radically and immediately empower the majority of black people.

Ramaphosa assured the meeting that radical economic transformation is not just Zuma’s rhetoric or one of many slogans but it is real.

“We have now become a country of many slogans where everyone wakes up and comes up with a slogan,” said the deputy president,” said Ramaphosa.

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