Public Angry Over EFF Damaging Parliament Property

Many people have taken to social media to express their anger over EFF’s act of vandalizing parliament property. Pictures and video show EFF members through objects to security officials who had been instructed to remove them from the house.

Earlier, EFF lost a court application to interdict the Speaker of the National Assembly from instructing the removal of its disruptive MPs when the President responded to questions in Parliament this afternoon. Despite the judgment, EFF MPs this afternoon disrupted the sitting, and when their removal was ordered, engaged in violent brawl with parliament’s protection officers and damaged the property of parliament.

“The EFF MPs’ violence and general anarchic conduct is utterly disturbing, and parliament must ensure that legal recourse is sought against the party. Today’s malicious damage to parliament’s property by these MPs, whose positions requires them to remain honourable and exemplary to the rest of the society, is particularly troubling in the light of similar destruction of public properties across the country – including schools, universities and clinics.”

“The disgraceful actions of this party are not a laughing matter as they threaten the sanctity of our democracy and constitutional institutions. We urge Parliament to immediately press criminal charges against the EFF MPs for the assault of the security staff of Parliament and malicious damage to property,” read ANC Chief Whip Office’s statement.






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