President Zuma Proves More Important Than Obama

President Zuma Proves More Important Than Obama

A moment between President Jacob Zuma and U.S. President Barak Obama was captured in photo that is now making rounds on social media.

U.S President Obama ignored the fact that President Zuma was still speaking on the phone and expected him to hang up. But he was in for a shock.
It turned out that President Zuma understands protocol and puts his country affairs first then a chat with a famous U.S Obama. Zuma decided not to hang up the phone but greeted Obama while attending to an important protocol conversation with his country man.
Times Live has been accused by many on social media for accusing Zuma for not hanging up. On its news Time Live posted an article with a title saying ‘Who’s more important to Zuma than Obama, that he didn’t put down the cellphone to greet the US president?.’
Times Live triggered anger on many South Africans who accused the newspaper for suggesting that President Zuma should have hung up the phone to speak to Obama.
Social Media Anger Over Times Live Post

Siphile ButheleLucky Buthelezi wrote

– To me, the Honourable President Zuma is more important, President of my country. President Obama came to greet President Zuma while he was on the phone. If the phone was an issue, President Obama would have waited until President Zuma was done.

We all know how respectful is President Zuma, surely the person he was talking to is equally important and couldnt just drop them just because President Obama had arrived. It’s also possible that the photo was taken when President Zuma was saying his goodbye to the person on the phone. This shows the level of patriotism (if any) by South African media, always trying to find something negative about President Zuma.





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