Pravin Gordhan’s Court Move Backfires As Guptas Respond

The Guptas have responded to Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan’s court affidavit, saying that there was nothing untoward in the R6.8-billion transaction that the Financial Intelligence Centre (FIC) described as “suspicious”.

Oakbay Investments set the record straight on Optimum Rehabilitation Fund showing the funds were only removed from Optimum to Bank of Baroda because Standard Bank planned shutting down the account.

“The Rehabilitation Fund balance was moved from Optimum Mine Rehabilitation Trust’s account with Standard Bank to Bank of Baroda in June 2016. This transfer was due to Standard Bank’s closure of all company accounts.

This is the only movement of money from this account. This movement was with the full permission of the joint Business Rescue Practitioners.

“Any suggestions that the Rehabilitation Fund has been drawn down upon are absolutely untrue and defamatory,” the Company said.

It appears that Gordhan’s move to file affidavits has presented a golden opportunity for Oakbay to demand that banks provide reasons why they closed their bank accounts. Banks will have no option but to provide their reasons because the matter is now before the court.

Oakbay’s lawyer Van De Merwe said the four Banks decided not to give his clients reasons following the unprecedented unilateral decision to close down Oakbay’s bank accounts despite the company asking them for reasons.

“I am going to file details around the transaction which have been alleged as suspicious transaction. I now have the opportunity to get the banks to give me, at last, the reason/s behind the closure of the accounts,” Van De Merwe said.

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