Open Letter To Trevor Manuel from MK Foundation

Trevor Manuel

MK Inkululeko Foundation open letter to former finance minister Trevor Manuel.

We read with interest your new conviction that our claim of white monopoly capital is a fallacy; invented by a public relations company named Bell Pottinger, as you recently did at the Nelson Mandela Foundation event you attended.

As the leadership of the MK Inkuleleko Foundation we pen this letter as representing +200 former MK members aptly described by one of the departed gallant soldiers who took the liberty to refer to them as “Prisoners of Hope”. Hope then is the atmosphere in which our faith, unswerving commitment, to see a better tomorrow finds meaning and purpose.

You may forget that most of these members are in their fifties and majority still stay with their parents at home, not for lack of trying to be independent neither because they so had determined by choice. These are the very same soldiers that you and your friends have opted to label as thugs, hooligans, and all unwelcoming names.

Mr. Manuel, we choose to address you as Mr. Manuel, sincere apologies for the length of this, it is only because you were the longest finance minister a title you wore with pride. It is increasingly difficult to refer to you as a cadre. Permit us to prevail on you in briefly reflecting on that period prior to the dawn of our democracy commonly known as the Talks about Talks and CODESA era.

We must then remind you that during the negotiations, these foot soldiers were hold in high esteem.Negotiations simply were not possible and could not proceed until weapons were laid down. If we share today in any benefit of a negotiated settlement it was against the confirmed backdrop of a need to have arms laid down. Therefore to consider our freedom in democracy in denial of this important moment in history is to engage in cheapness of our current fruits of democracy.

There exists no doubt that some time in history, at some point in our past the nation’s cause for freedom was served by these soldiers many of them, willing to lay down their lives against a brutal and ruthless apartheid government that would kick pregnant women and torture the black masses as they rose in the proverbial winter of discontent.

These soldiers became the critical force that the Movement could unleash in the event of a deadlock. Mr. Manuel these soldiers, despite extreme poverty and the everyday challenges of life, remained resolute and disciplined, resisting any temptation to use their military skills to plunge our beautiful country into turmoil and thus discouraging investors.

Africa the landmass of fifty-four countries, that made Europe and its allied exceptionally wealthy is replete with examples of former soldiers who ultimately formed rebel forces rendering their countries ungovernable through concerted efforts of insurrection thus creating havoc in their countries.

Today we know that the MK soldier was not just trained in execution of military discipline but also represents the finest of political school alumni who have sat through the political education without infrastructure immanent in colleges or schools.

Our soldiers remain disciplined regardless to the prevalence of an unjustifiable manifested adversity. The BEE deals you and the administration you served engineered, produced a thin layer of super rich. That BEE has come and is gone, rendering you and others like those of the para-structure ‘101 veterans’ to varying degrees, the ultimate signpost of our economic freedom.

At the earliest convenience that white monopoly capital offered you, and those of you who today claim a moral high ground, you bowed and ate from that trough. This when all of you in convenience chose to let self-interest count therefore forgetting the foot soldiers, the very ones you were ready to unleash. The same foot soldiers like an Ashley Kriel, Zuka Baloyi, and others, who paid the highest price for our liberation. You could not hitherto have done anything for the Kriel family, let alone Johnny Issel who died a bitter cadre, because you chose to forget him and many others like you forgot the foot soldiers, when you started flying the now retired Concorde.

Mr. Manuel in your former position as minister of Finance regardless to the fact that you were responsible for budgeting you failed to allocate budget for the repatriation of our fallen heroes and heroines, whose blood nourishes the freedom that you and your cohorts today enjoy.

Sir, let it be known today like Cadre Johnny Issel is the face of that foot soldier that you literally left in the gutters. These represent those who were never the beneficiaries of your failed BEE policy and we remain economically destitute yet disciplined.

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