[Nkandla Exposed] Should Contractors Pay Back R240 Million On Nkandla?

Should Contractors Pay Back R240 Million On Nkandla?

Question are being asked as to whether the contractors involved in Nkandla upgrades are to blame for more than R240 million spent. This comes after Parliament Ad hoc Committee on Nkandla visited President Zuma’s homestead.
Ad hoc committee chairperson, Frolick, came out gun blazing and obviously furious after taking a look at what costed the country more than R240 million. He emphasized that Zuma did not benefit from what was supposed to be security upgrades. 
Frolick admitted that the visit to Nkandla was ‘eye opening’ and that contractors are to blame for inflating prizes.
It is believed that the committee will be taking Public Works to task and will be asking questions relating to pricing of Nkandla project. Frolick added that criminal charges must be drawn against all suppliers who were part of the project. 
The visit has challenged the view of the opposition that believed that Zuma should pay the money back. 
The DA tried to interrupt journalist who were part of the visit. It is believed that the DA realized that the ‘truth about Nkandla’ was about to come out and that Zuma was not to blame.




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