[A Must Read] Stephen Grootes Applauds Mduduzi Manana For New Precedence

The statement is fulsome, he takes responsibility for his actions (which could also be described as “unpresidential” behaviour at the moment), he says sorry.

Senior Political Correspondence of Eyewitness who is also the host of Midday Report for 702 and Cape Talk, Stephen Grootes, has applauded outgoing Deputy Minister of Education Mduduzi Manana for setting a new precedence in SA politics.

Manana resigned from his position after allegation of assault surfaced on social media. He did not only resigned but he also apologized to all South Africans.

Stephen Grootes, in his article published by Daily Marvericks, defines Manana decision to resign as historic and one that will stand the test of time.

“The case of Manana has been different. First, he has actually resigned. Second, he has done something else that is probably a first in our politics. He actually went to the trouble of writing up a full public statement. And then, he filmed himself delivering it. This was a resignation for the age of Political Twitter, a video that tried to get the message through to people he must see as his constituency,” wrote Stephen Grootes.

“Five years ago it seems unlikely Manana would have had to resign. The political protection of Zuma, of the ANC as a whole (should it have decided to protect him) would have been enough to keep him in office. But the political power both of Zuma and of the ANC itself is not what it used to be. Zuma simply cannot protect everyone any more, unless they are crucial to him (as surely Dlamini and Zwane must be).”

“The cynical theory would also suggest that in fact Manana has realised that the way out of this problem is to resign now in the hope of coming back later. But for it to work, he needs to make the resignation good. And this he has tried to do. The statement is fulsome, he takes responsibility for his actions (which could also be described as “unpresidential” behaviour at the moment), he says sorry.

But even if we accept the cynical theory of this, it still raises some interesting issues in our current version of a society.”

“In a strange way then, the resignation of Manana proves one of the very positive dynamics of the last five years. Amid all of the fear and hype of the political situation, it is often forgotten that it is surely undeniable that the citizens’ voices became much louder. There is more space for action, more political room in which to move. This means public pressure is more effective than it has been at any time since the start of the Mbeki era. This doesn’t mean we are at the brave new dawn of a truly accountable democracy. But if you consider the political power of citizens to be important, we are moving in a good direction,” read Stephen’s article.election results 2016





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