Mugabe Confirms Mantashe’s Regime Change Attempts by The West

Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe has confirmed claims by ANC Secretary General, Gwede Mantashe that Britain and America are behind regime change attempts in Africa. Mugabe was speaking at Fort Hare University during it’s centenary celebration on Friday.

President Mugabe went on to explain how Western countries are partnering with NGO’s scattered all over Africa to effect regime change. The aim is to promote white supremacy even during a democratic dispensation.

“There are more than 1300 NGO’s in each African country that are funded by outside countries with the intention to remove governments installed through democratic processes.” said President Mugabe.

The ANC Secretary General was recently accused by media for making claims that some outside countries were behind forces that create instability with the aim to forcefully remove Presidents in Africa. Mantashe went on to explain how NGO’s are used as mean to channel funds to opposition parties.

President Mugabe vowed that the regime change strategy by Britain will not succeed as long as he lives.




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