Mmusi Maimane Criticises The Constitution Over Zuma

Mmusi Maimane Criticises The Constitution Over Zuma

The leader of the Democratic Alliance, Mmusi Maimane has criticised the constitution for allowing the will of the majority to prevail when it comes to who becomes the president.

Maimane was referring to the provision in the constitution that empowers the National Assembly to be the only mechanism that can be used to remove President Jacob Zuma.

If the opposition is not able to convince the ruling party to remove the president, there is no other option that is provided by the constitution. This rule is derived from the fact that our democracy empowers the majority as opposed to the apartheid system.

Maimane’s criticism of the constitution has been described as an attack to our democracy and Maimane’s wish to return a system where the elite decide the future of majorities.




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