[Media Wrong] Blade Nzimande Is Correct On Media Regulation

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This report by IOL news is not correct because it does not capture what Blade Nzimande really said about media regulation. What is also does not say is where does this whole debate originate and how does Nzimande get involved.

Let us correct this journalist. Blade Nzimande participated in a discussion during the Alliance Summit held in Irene from 27 June to 1 July 2015. 
Media Regulation In South Africa
During discussions it became clear that there was a need to discuss media regulation in South Africa. There were concerns that news articles published on Social Media promote racism against white South Africans.
The resolution was that there is a need to intensify media regulation.
Why Is Media Wrong
Media has come out after the Summit and claimed that the ANC is gunning for media regulation. Media in South Africa is already regulated through self-regulation. The concern during the summit was that self-regulation has not enable transformation of media. 
Naspers is still a major shareholder and controls many print houses in SA. The worry that was expressed during the summit is that Naspers directors are white in majority and some have expressed their support for the DA. Nzimande expressed his concerns that we run the risk of having DA controlled media in SA.
It was during the summit where it was revealed that Multichoice has access to SABC archives and uses them to generate revenue. The problem with this arrangement is that tax payers money is used to enrich a privately owned company. It is because of these two examples that the declaration of the summit suggested that a new model of regulation is needed because self-regulation promotes the interests of minority shareholders.

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