MDM In Polony – Listeria Voice Note Warning


MDM In Polony Voice Note – Listeria Outbreak In South Africa

There is a voice recording that is making rounds on WhatsApp following the recall of some products from shelves in South Africa. This recall is due to suspicions that some food products may be linked or contain listeria strain.

MDM In Polony Voice Note

The voice recording claims Enterprise makes colony from something that is commonly know as MDM. The voice further claims that MDM is chicken left overs like chicken heads, chicken bones and chicken feet. According to the voice recording, what Enterprise does is to colour and flavor it and then call it polony. The voice makes more claims that the MDM that is bought by Enterprise comes from Brazil where there has been concerns about cleanliness.

Spar has come out and disputed the claims about MDM in polony.

“There is a voice recording that’s doing the rounds implicating SPAR Brand Products as being supplied by Enterprise and containing MDM from Brazil that contains Listeria.

We wish to assure our customers that SPAR housebrand products, such as polony, viennas and sliced meats, are not made by Enterprise.  All ingredients in our products have undergone stringent testing and have been quality approved.   This voice recording is untrue and the person speaking is misinformed.  Please disregard it,” read Spar statement.

Facebook users have taken Spar to task and demanded that the retailer must post a video that shows how polony is made. Spar has not yet responded to this demand. There is no clarity as to whether the voice note about MDM in polony is real or its contents are fake. More WhatsApp users continue to distribute the voice note in an attempt to warm more consumers to stay away from polony and other related food products.

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