[Leaked] Helen Zille Received Guptas R300 000

Helen Zille has become the latest government official to join Gupta’s dirty game of manipulating politicians to gain control of government.
Mail & Guardian report has revealed that Helen Zille visited Gupta family home to collect a cheque totaling to R300 000. Zille first denied this but when cornered by journalists, she tried to make a lighter moment of it.
In her own admission Zille said:
“I and my colleague Ian Davidson duly went to the Guptas’ home, ate some of the most delicious food I have ever eaten, and received the cheque for R200 000 from the individual,” she said.
“Because we had been guests at the Gupta’s home, our fundraising department included our standard letter of thanks to the Guptas, even though the donation had not come from them,” Zille said.
It has also been revealed that Zille later sent a letter to Atul Gupta thanking him for the cheque.




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