[Leaked E-mails] DA Accuses Zille of Dividing The Party

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Leaked e-mails have revealed that the DA is not happy about its Western Cape Premier, Helen Zille. This comes after e-mails were leaked to media where its leader and former community safety MEC, Lennit Max, accused Zille of running the party through media.

Max provided details of how Zille spied on him and former Provincial party leader Theuns Botha. She also instructed finance MEC Ivan Meyer to withdraw from DA provincial leadership race in order to make way for mayor Patricial de Lille to win.
The spat between the two was triggered by Zille’s open letter to Max. She also leaked a copy of the letter to media which upset Max. 
In his reply to Zille’s open letter, Max also decided to provide a copy to media.
“Given the fact that you e-mailed the media, I in turn have no alternative but to do the same. I would like to place on record that it is regrettable that you once again place internal issues in the public domain and forced me to respond accordingly.” wrote DA’s Lennit Max.
In her attempt to scare Max, Zille wrote on her weekly newsletter that she was aware that Max also used her private investigator, Paul Scheepers, but for a private matter.
Max further wrote:
“It was thus extremely reckless of you (Zille) to make the assumptions as you did, which led to your public and personal attack on me. It is evident that you failed to apply due diligence before you embarked on your career-destroying journey.”

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“Your assumptions were wrong and your subsequent public attacks on me are ill-considered, malicious and an attempt to bring an end to my political career.” wrote Max.

It is alleged that Max decided to provide the ANC in the province with damming evidence of Zille’s involvement in illegal spying activities. Max also provided names of ANC members who were spied on by Zille.
Zille had accused Max of his intention to join the ANC. In his response Max wrote:
“I vehemently deny the fact that I have threatened to leave the DA if you don’t give me a MEC position. During our interaction, I repeated myself several times that I was not there to demand and or pleading for an MEC position.
“You were the person who asked me if I intend joining another political party and my response was, ‘That is not what I told you’.
“I said if you tell me that I have no future in the DA, I should of course consider my options in future. I made no threat. I knew that you will (sic) spin this to suit your agenda as you normally do.” wrote Lennit Max.
“You (Zille) were appointed as my communication adviser during the DA strategy in using me to destroy the ID in order for the DA to attract more coloured votes,” said Max.

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