[Busted] Racist High Court Judge Mabel Jansen Must Go For Calling Black People Rapists

A North Gauteng High Court Judge, Advocate Maria Mabel Jansen SC, has been busted after she posted racist comments about black people on social platform. Calls are mounting to have her removed from the bench with immediate effect.

Judge Mabel Jansen said that rape is a black people’s culture. She went on to say that murder, gang rape of babies, daughters and mothers are things that black communities do as their way of having fun.

Many are already fearing that she must have been very harsh on all black people who have stood in front of her to receive judgement and sentences.

Judge Mabel Jansen was appointed a Judge of the High Court in JHB with effect from 2 Dec 2013. She has since dealt with many cases involving black people which raises serious concern about impartiality of her ruling.

“Each time that white bigotry of the lowest order is exposed people are accused of being destructive? This woman is a Judge of the High Court and yet her views on black people reflect deep racism and colonial thinking. Not acceptable. This is not personal. It is about both systemic and institutional racism.” wrote Sicelo Mncwango.” wrote Social Media Specialist and entrepreneur Mr Sicelo Mncwango.

The ANC Women’s League has recently expressed it concerns about the conduct of some judges who are taking political sides when conducting their work.

“We are saying if judges want to come to the political space, we will engage them. If they want to become something else, they must be that. If they want to be Chapter 9 institutions, we are going to respect them. If they carry themselves with respect, we are going to respect them.” said ANCWL President and Social Development Minister Bathabile Dlamini said.

The North Gauteng High Court is the same court that the DA always takes its matters to which is starting to worry many.




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