IFP Warns DA On Provocative Luthuli House March

Mangosuthu Buthelezi
Mangosuthu Buthelezi

The IFP has discouraged the DA from marching on Luthuli House

Inkatha Freedom Party has expressed it’s concerns about how other opposition parties conduct themselves in dealing cabinet reshuffle.

In a statement released this afternoon, the IFP strongly warned the DA and advised it not to march to Luthuli House.

“The IFP has discouraged the DA from marching on Luthuli House, for this will be seen as a provocative act and the ANC will react accordingly. Believing itself to be under siege, the ANC will close ranks, and any ANC leader who may have begun listening to their conscience will listen to the louder voice of imminent threat,” read IFP statement.

“The greater danger in marching to Luthuli House is the likelihood of violence. Our country can ill afford the sparking of violence, bloodshed and loss of life. Let us remember that former President Mandela himself gave an order for security to shoot when the King’s supporters were moving past Shell House. Lives were lost and a wound remains.” said IFP.

This statement was released after leaders of opposition parties met in Johannesburg to discuss the what it called “leadership crisis our country faces.”

The IFP stated that it supports the requests of the DA and EFF to the Speaker of the National Assembly to urgently reconvene Parliament to debate a Motion of No Confidence.

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