Half Naked Pics of DA Mbali Go Viral

 Facebook users have been served with a dessert of a different kind when DA’s Mbali Ntuli decided to take her clothes off and share her pictures online.

Most Facebook users disagreed with Ntuli’s stance and expressed disappointment at what they called ‘cheap stance’ by the opposition leader.
Ntuli did not take people’s criticism lying down. In her bold reply Ntuli said:

“People are entitled to their opinions. I personally do not feel compelled to justify any action I take that relates to my body to anyone whatsoever, nor do I believe anybody should ever have to,” said Ntuli.

Mthetheleli Ntshobololo wrote: Mbali Ntuli you’re doing exactly what you claim to be fighting against, you nude in public is irresponsible.
It is not clear as to why Ntuli decided to go nude. In her attempt to justify her actions, she wrote:

“This is why, during these 16 days of activism, when KwaZulu-Natal has some of the highest instances of rape in the world, we should be focusing on how we deal with the crisis and end the cycle of abuse against women and children.”






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