NPA: Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan Faces No Arrest

Pravin Gordhan Faces Not Arrest, NPA Confirms

Hawks have confirmed that Finance Minister Pravid Gordhan is not a suspect in their Sars investigation and is not facing arrest.

Sunday Independent report revealed that Pravin Gordhan legal team was assured by Hawks during their meeting that took place last week.

Last weekend’s newspaper ran a report suggesting that a docket had been handed over to the NPA to prosecute Minister Pravin Gordhan for the role he played in the activities of a unit he headed while he was still at Sars. NPA head Shaun Abrahams came publicly rubbished the claims and said that the news report were “mischievous.”

Media is accused working with external forces to peddle news aimed at weakening the economy of South Africa. The timing of the leak by newspapers raised serious concerns as it was set to coincide with the visit of Moody’s rating agency to the country.

The false report by newspapers resulted in the rand hitting a two-months low against the dollar and government bonds weakening very sharply.

The ANC Secretary General issued a report revealing that there are NGOs operating in South Africa that receive funding from outside countries. He accused the opposition for working with these NGOs and outside forces that want to effect regime change in South Africa, a move that undermines the will of majorities who vote for the government of their choice.

Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe repeated the same claims during his keynote address at Fort Hare university centenary celebrations. He accused Britain of undermining the people of Africa and their choice of who must rule in their countries. He vowed not to allow regime change in Zimbabwe.




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