[Exposed] Makhosi Khoza’s DA Master Plan Busted

She was approached in early 2016 to consider being DA Premier in KZN post 2019.

DA’s analysis revealed that it is struggling to attract more black middle class females.Failure to get Dr Mamphele to the DA also worsened the situation. They also realised that it is a challenge across all political parties and the women in ANC benches are not appealing to black middle class females and the ANCWL is not excelling in that. EFF is not appealing to this class also. NFP was to gain ground in this area but sickness of Zanele kaMagwaza-Msibi has affected the Party.

After the departure of Lindiwe Mazibuko in DA, the support from black middle class females dwindled and the DA leadership feels that Phumzile Van Damme, Bridget Marengo, Thandeka Gqada,Patricia Kopane, Nomsa Marchesi, Thandeka Mbabama et all are struggling to rise to the occasion and attract more black middle class women.

Dr Makhosi Khoza was identified as a potential puller of the black middle class females. She was approached in early 2016 to consider being DA Premier in KZN post 2019 or in charge of DA benches in parliament when Mmusi ascend to Presidency or be deployed as the Speaker /Minister. It is not a coincidence that she is getting more airtime on media platforms recently. Her target is black middle class women.

Phumzile was made aware and she has agreed to that arrangement and has embraced Dr Khoza as a person to mentor her so that she can take over from her in future when Dr Khoza leaves. Lately Dr Khoza and Phumzile are spending more time together at Parliamentary villages. Even during the Adhoc Committee on SABC they have spend time more time together preparing on how to handle the debates and line of questioning in the Committee. Be briefed by DA research and legal team.

The ANC internal challenges came at the right time for DA. The strategy now is for Dr Khoza to irritate ANC to the level where she is expelled with a hope that just like Julius she will leave with sizeable number of black middle class female supporters and members of the ANC in particular KZN and GP.

On the 8 August 2017, she will put the final nail in the coffin by raising point of order to ANC MP who will be debating during the motion of no confidence. She will defy the ANC Chief Whip instructions. After the debate no matter the outcome of the motion, She will have live interview with ENCA and that will be streamed to SAFM and 702. Mabine Seabe has already arranged that. In her interview she will attack all the ANC MP who were debating in the motion and tell the public how she voted. She will tear apart the ANC NEC and the Chief Whip. She will wait for her dismissal.

She will never resign. She is awaiting to be dismissed to get solidarity. If dismissed she will be officially welcomed by DA and be in NA to rise her profile more. In 2019 she will be DA Premier candidate in KZN as the one black female they were trying to groom Mbali Ntuli in KZN is not assisting with her anti-Helen Zille attitude.

If DA doesn’t win KZN, deployed in NA as in charge in DA benches when Maimane leads government.
Hlomela Bucwa is going to be deployed in EC post 2019 to be 2nd in charge as DA feels Nosimo Balindlela is not up to the task and appealing to black middle class females in that corner of the country.

Source: ANC Ethekwini Region Facebook Page

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