EFF Threatens To Report Mbethe To Its London Funders

EFF supporters are calling for Baleka Mbete’s head after she ordered that EFF MPs be forcefully removed from parliament yesterday.

Letters of 5 days suspension were later sent to EFF MPs

Supporters of EFF have advise their party’s MP, Mbuyiseni Ndlozi to report Mbete to its UK based funders. It has been revealed that Lord Robin Renwick and Nathan Kirsh are funding EFF to destabilize South Africa by its campaigns.

“Ndlozi you must phone Lord Robin Renwick and Nathan Kirsh, there will be actions, trust me. I know these Barons don’t play games. Mbete must fall.” wrote EFF supporter on Ndlozi’s Facebook wall.

It is believed that Lord Robin Renwick and Nathan Kirsh are behind EFF’s frustration as they demand it’s leaders to account for each and every cent they spend. It is also known that the chaos the EFF is causing in parliament is aimed at rendering South Africa a failed state globally.





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