DA Trollip Stands To Lose Nelson Mandela Bay As Smaller Parties Join Forces

DA Might Lose Nelson Mandela Bay If Smaller Parties Side With ANC

The Democratic Alliance (DA) might lose the Nelson Mandela Metro on Thursday when the council sits for the first time after elections. This comes after all three smaller parties, The United Front, Patriotic Alliance and Congress of the People (Cope) issued a statement saying that they have agreed to vote together when the council sits for the first time after elections.

Control of Nelson Mandela metro still hangs in the balance as the DA won by a very narrow margin. The DA and ANC who have been allocated 57 and 50 seats respectively. The ANC needs only 11 seat to take control of the metro.

Cope’s Thembelani Kondile confirmed that they have met with the ANC and negotiations are currently underway. According to media briefing, agreement must be reached on service delivery improvement and how they the ANC seeks to fight corruption in the municipality. If these parties reach an consensus, the DA will remain an opposition and the mayor will not come from the party.

“For example, the issue of service delivery at local level, we agreed to bring excellence in service delivery and we agree on various issues and we are against corruption.” said Kondile.

All three parties indicated that they are waiting to take the matter back to their members as they are the ones who give the mandate.

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