DA Blocks R23 billion Eskom Investigation of four White Families

The Minister of Public Enterprises has revealed that more than R23 billion is paid by Eskom to only four families that supply its 51% of coal per year.  The total amount of coal supplied by these families is more than 100 million tons per year.

The DA stood up and shouted at the Minister for making these figures public during a parliament session. It is believed that some of problems that resulted in load-shedding were linked to a dispute between Eskom and it’s suppliers.

“I would really like an investigation into the families who own the economy of this country. I really want to do so.” said Minister Brown.

The DA objected to Minister Brown’s call but want to limit the investigation to Guptas only. More government Ministers have welcome investigation into Gupta affairs but are insisting that all companies that are doing dodgy deals with government be investigated. It is not clear as to why the DA is objecting to this call but many believe that it is because it want to protect white capital monopoly.




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