DA Mayor Herman Mashaba Embarrasses Himself Over Unpaid R259 Million

DA Mayor Herman Mashaba Shows Highest Level of Incompetence and Has No Clue of How Government Works

[Herman Mashaba’s rantings about R259 million, as sign of incompetence and lack of knowledge about how cooperative governance works]

Gauteng Premier David Makhura has exposed DA Johannesburg mayor Herman Mashaba’s incompetence over government unpaid debt of R259 million. Mashaba had rushed things by issuing a statement which accused the provincial government for not honouring its debt of municipal services.

It later became clear that Mashaba had made a mistake of browsing through cooperative government agreements that had been signed prior him taking mayoral office this year.

Mashaba did not know that Gauteng government has already paid R384 million to settle municipal debts for all its departments between April and July this year.

In a statement Mashaba reveal that Gauteng government departments owe the City of Joburg R259 million in outstanding rates. He later said that he would write to premier Makhura  giving his government 30 days to either pay the R259 million or enter into an acceptable repayment agreement with the City. Mashaba did not bother to check whether there was an agreement in place already which has raised serious questions about his competence and that of his advisors.

“The fact that there are new mayors who have not taken time to familiarise themselves with our work does not mean issues raised have not been dealt with. There are a number of areas where the province works with municipalities through joint committees such as health, housing, and budgets just to mention a few,” said David Makhura.

Makhura revealed that the Gauteng Provincial Government administration has already made a commitment as far back as 2014 to ensure challenges relating to billing and unpaid municipal rates are addressed. He also said that unpaid monies resulted from municipality’s inability to produce accurate bills.

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