DA Mashaba Has No Plan To Stop Illegal Invasions

[DA Johannesburg Mayor Herman Mashaba is accused of grandstanding instead of providing practical solutions as part of his programme for the city. Malema warned Mashaba to stop calling media conferences and start doing some work]

Orange farm residents have accused newly elected Johannesburg mayor Herman Mashaba for not providing a proper plan to resolve housing backlog.

Instead of telling residents what his council will do avoid more illegal invasions, Mashaba called a press briefing and accused the ANC for rallying behind illegal land invaders.

“Mashaba must come and address us instead of calling journalists to spread lies” said protesting residents.

ANC Johannesburg regional spokesman Jolidee Matongo said Mashaba was hiding behind false claims and does not have proof to substantiate his claims.

“Illegal land occupation is not ANC policy, we told our branches to desist from invading land, the party will take action against those who do engage in this illegal activity.” said Matongo

“Herman Mashaba should not tell himself he can resolves this within 90 days as he told the media…this is a complicated process that takes time.” Matongo said.

When asked by journalists if EFF was behind illegal invasions Mashaba admitted by saying that EFF stance on land question is not a secret.

Earlier, EFF leader Julius Malema told accused Mashaba of grandstanding by calling many media briefings. He told Mashaba to stop seeking attention and trying to become a celebrity but start doing work as a mayor.

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