DA Manifesto Launch A National Disaster

DA Manifesto Launch A National Disaster

Social media is buzzing with pictures showing empty seats in Rand Stadium where the DA launched its election manifesto. The event was not so much of a success as many have called it a ‘national disaster’.

Rand stadium has a capacity of 30 000 but the turn out was below 20 000. Pictures circulating are showing empty seats and some of them had to be covered with the flags so that it looked like the colour blue was all over.

“The DA election manifesto is indeed not a success. They might not understand it now but they will be judged by the people-during the voting time. They seem to think that they are the embodiment of the so call , rainbow nation. There again, they are out of their breath. They must learn to motivate people by what they will do , without trying to badmouth other parties.” wrote Sikhumbuzo Mahlaba on ANC Talk page.


The DA’s American approach to South African politics turned the whole event to a total joke. The programme was just a mess and not a single speaker read a prepared speech. At some point Mmusi forgot to pay tribute to DA MP who died during the week but instead he mentioned ANC’s bus crash victims at the beginning of his delivery. This clearly shows that the DA is not organized at all.

The video below shows City of Cape Town mayor, Patricia de Lille struggling to deliver her memorized speech.

Mmusi Maimane is promising to reduce unemployment, end corruption and do better on service delivery. Many have objected to DA’s promise on basis that it has not indicated as to how it plans to achieve this.




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