DA Loses: Zero Municipalities For DA In Six Provinces

No DA Municipality In Six Provinces

The Democratic Alliance (DA) has won not a single municipality in six province throughout the country. This is a big blow for a party that had hoped to consolidate is support in all 9 provinces.

The ANC which is a ruling party has grown its support base as it adds scores 15 million votes. This is a growth of more than 3 million votes.

The ANC is now on the lead in Johannesburg with the DA securing only 2 municipalities out of 9 in the province.

Here are provinces where the DA got not a single municipality:

KwaZulu Natal

ANC 36
DA 0

Mpumalanga Province

ANC 17
DA 0

Northern Cape

ANC 26
DA 0

North West

ANC 18
DA 0

Free State Province

ANC 19
DA 0

election results 2016