DA Councillor’s Racists Remarks Are DA’s Position On The Poor

DA Councillor Discussed With Cape Town Mayco How Homeless Must Be Removed From Sea Point

DA councillor’s racist remarks about homeless people in Cape Town have put the DA in a difficult position. Many believe that her racist remarks are actually the DA’s view on homeless and poor people.

DA Shayne Ramsay suggested on her Facebook page that Sea Point residents must manage their refuse such that homeless people are not able to feed from bins. She believes that this will drive them away from Sea Point area which is dominated by white residents.

She made it clear on her post that her insults were discussed with the City of Cape Town metro stuff and the mayoral committee.

Her apology has fallen on deaf ears as many believe that her views represent those of her party, the Democratic Alliance.

Ramsay said that people who live in Cape Town streets are criminals and mentally retarded.

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