DA: Black People For Rallies, Whites For Parliament

DA Uses Blacks To Take Whites To Parliament

Just a day after DA held it’s final election rally in Soweto, social media is buzzing with comments suggesting that the party uses black people for rallies only. White people were no where to be seen at the weekend rally which concerns many South Africans.

Black people in the DA are only used to fill up stadiums while it’s cabinet is full of white people. This has confirmed the view held by Nelson Mandela that ‘the DA is a party for white bosses and black stooges.’

DA Rally Confirms Painting Depiction

The use of black people to run DA campaigns is seen to be a confirmation of the painting that is making rounds on social media. The painting shows DA black leader, Mmusi Maimane toiling so hard to get white Helen Zille and another white whip to their destination.

The painting sent a clear message that black people in the DA are only used to push whites to occupy parliament.




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