DA Accused of Publicity Stunt On Kohler Barnard Suspension

The DA has been accused of misleading South Africans on Kohler Barnard issue that made news headlines weeks ago.

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This comes after the DA announced yesterday that Kohler has been expelled from the party following a decision by it’s Federal Executive. She was found guilty for making racist remarks on social media.
The DA later announced that it’s decision was not final because it will give Barnard a second chance to appeal its decision. This announcement angered many and they decided to take to social media
Social Media Sentiments on DA’s Decision
Mcusi Mbuyisa wrote: DA is  desperate for black votes for next year elections I see…They can fire everybody if they want but DA political will won’t change….If you think DA is the party that will give a black person economic freedom to solve issues of iniqualities of this country then you need to get your head checked.
Julian Ackerman wrote: This is just a publicity stunt and the DA knows that she will return as a mayor somewhere. And surely they will remove some black people in order to find her a slot.
Senzo Bhengu wrote: so if the DA is really honest, why would they allow her to appeal the decision? They first tell us that they fired her and later tell us that she might still come back if she wins the appeal. She will obviously win the appeal and the matter will be kept under carpets.

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