Court Order: Pravin Gordhan Must Step Down

More Trouble For Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan As BLF Files Court Papers To Have Him Removed

The Black First Land First movement (BLF) has asked North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria to issue an order forcing Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan to step down. If granted Gordhan will have to step down in order to face criminal charges brought against him by the NPA.

Pravin Gordhan
Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan faces new court bid that could see him stepping down

In its court papers BLF argues that Minister Gordhan is conflicted, compromised and captured by white capital. The court is further asked to force Gordhan to explain Ciex report which shows that R26 billion was stolen from South Africa’s Reserve Bank by certain business people. BLF previously detailed that Gordhan owns shares in some of implicated companies.

BLF also asked the High Court to force Gordhan to make public details on R68.6 billion declared by companies that was illegally taken out of South Africa in 2003. It is alleged that companies implicated on paid back penalties R26.9 billion. Gordhan is accused of siding with these companies and for giving them protection from prosecution.

BLF accuses Gordhan in its court papers that he was appointed illegally because the same companies implicated on the R68.6 billion scandals are the ones that lobbied for his appointment.

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