Court Finds Zuma’s Conduct Lawful and Rational

“Helen Suzman Foundation and Freedom Under Law Application Unreasonable, Judge Mlambo”

The North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria has ruled that President Jacob Zuma’s conduct on the public prosecutions boss Shaun Abrahams is lawful and rational.

This comes after Helen Suzman foundation approached the court to ask that Zuma be forced to fired Abrahams, a move that was deemed by the court as unreasonable.

“Its unreasonable of the applicant to rush and launch an application ignoring his [President Zuma’s] request for more time,” said Gauteng Judge President Dunstin Mlambo.

President Zuma indicated that he needed more time to apply his mind. It is not clear as to why the opposition is rushing Zuma to act Abrahams.

The ruling by the court is a huge blow for the opposition especially because it sends a strong warning against the use of courts to compel Zuma to make decisions. The judge also criticized the applicants for relying on media reports when seeking the relief.

The full bench said that President Zuma’s request for additional time is rational and lawful.

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