Cosatu President Wins Battle Against Vavi and NUMSA

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Cosatu President Wins Battle Against Vavi and NUMSA

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The President of Cosatu, Sdumo Dlamini, has called upon unions that support NUMSA and Vavi to free themselves from the control of the aggrieved groups. This comes after Cosatu’s special congress that took place a week ago.

Communications Workers Union has thrown its weight behind Sdumo Dlamini’s call to free itself from the jaws of NUMSA. Yesterday saw CWU parting ways with 9 other unions that supported NUMSA. In a letter written to all its members, CWU informed them that it was parting ways with 9 Plus unions that supported NUMSA and Vavi.
The special congress resolved that the expulsion of Vavi and NUMSA was correct in terms of the constitution of Cosatu. This was a final nail on Vavi coffin as he had hoped that general members of Cosatu were going to sympathize with him.

Vavi Travels To USA

It was revealed during Cosatu Special Congress that Vavi has been in and out of United States of America to mobilize funds. It was also revealed that he is accompanied by Irvin Jim in all his trips to the US.




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