How To Get Clean Credit Record and Report

Clean Credit Record Simple Guide

Clean credit record is very difficult to maintain if you are not wealthy and you depend on credit to supplement your income. As much as credit helps you manage your financial commitments, it can turn out to be a nightmare when you start falling behind with your payments. This will definitely impact your clean credit record.

Before creditors like bank and furniture stores extend credit to anyone, they first take a look and their credit conduct. They get access to this information through credit bureaux. This is basically all information about your credit history. It is mainly your accounts history and how you have services your debt in the past.

For people with clean credit record it is always very difficult to keep your credit low because creditor will tempt you to add more onto your debt basket. You really need to be very disciplined in order to maintain clean credit record.

Tips To Get Clean Credit Record

For those who are already blacklisted and are overwhelmed by amount of debt they find themselves in, we have put together few step to claim your clean record back.

  1. Get Your Credit Report – the starting point to claim your clean credit report is to have your record as a report. Once you have your report, you must the check for error that might appear. These can include wrong addresses and contact details. There can even be accounts that you are not aware of or that you thought you had closed appearing as not serviced. If there is information that you do not think should be on your report, you must the lodge a dispute to have it removed.
  2. Contact Creditors – the fact that your record is bad means that there are accounts that you never paid on time. There are no two ways about this: you must contact your creditors in order to ask for discounts and to re-arrange lower payment terms that you can afford. Once you have agreed it always works better to set debit orders from your account so that you do not miss a single month.
  3. Reduce Debt Amount – you might have some cash that you have not committed to anytime at the time, so use that to reduce your capital debt. This will also reduce your monthly payments.
  4. Suspend New Debt – during the time that your are fixing your credit, you might be tempted by other creditor who are willing to give credit even if you do not have clean credit record. The rule is open no more accounts while you are fixing your record.
  5. Pay Your Other Bills On Time – it is pointless to negate from your other obligations while you are fixing your credit record. Make sure that you pay your accounts before or on time always.





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