Brian Molefe Challenges His Dismissal In Labour Court

Brian Molefe

Brian Molefe return as Eskom CEO saved the state owned enterprise a handshake of R30 million.

Former Eskom CEO has taken to Labour Court to stage a war against his dismissal, a move which could embarrass Eskom. According to Molefe, Eskom’s decision to dismiss him is illegal according to the employment contract both parties entered into when he was hired.

EFF and DA were both granted leave to join intervene in the case which is before the court. Molefe was returned as Eskom CEO after Minister of Public Enterprises Lynne Brown indicated that the State Owned Enterprisse was not in the position to pay him a handshake of R30 million. The only best solution was to simply return Molefe to his position.

Brown later dismissed Molefe after the ANC issued a statement indicating it happiness about Eskom’s board decision to return him as CEO. The case will proceed on Thursday.

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