[Breaking News] DA To Dissolve SA Government Through A Motion

Mmusi Maimane

When we said to you we are eating an elephant bit-by-bit, we were not joking.

DA leader Mmusi Maimane has just shocked everyone when he announced that his party will table a motion to dossolve government. This comes after the vote of no confidence against President Zuma failed on Tuesday.

Speaking during a media briefing held earlier today, Maimane confirmed that the DA will table the motion on Thursday. He also indicated that he hopes that the EFF will again support this motion.

Section 50 of the Constitution states that the President should call for early elections once a motion to dissolve Parliament succeeds.

Maimane has received criticism from the public as many fear that if the motion to dissolve parliament passes, South Africa might be thrown into a civil war.

“There is blood in the water now,” Maimane said.

The motion would need a simple majority in the National Assembly to succeed. Maimane’s utterance have confirmed a view long held by many that the DA is pushing for a regime change in South Africa.

“When we said to you we are eating an elephant bit-by-bit, we were not joking,” he said.

Maimane did not make a comment on claims that R2 billion was paid to buy ANC MPs to vote with the opposition.

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