[Breaking News] ANC Declares It’s Position On Zuma Vote of No Confidence

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“We will not withdraw our president from parliament and we will not withdraw our President from the executive.”

The ANC has vowed to strengthen it’s fight against the opposition’s attempt to use the vote of no confidence to remove President Jacob Zuma. The ANC further warned warned its MPs that disciplinary measures will be taken against those who will vote with their conscience once a motion of no confidence is carried out in Parliament.

“We will not withdraw our president from parliament and we will not withdraw our President from the executive. So all party members in terms of the ANC discipline are supposed to follow that particular position. The extent to which people will be ill disciplined, the ANC will have to apply the disciplinary procedures for those who want to use their so-called conscience to determine the voting in parliament,” said ANC NEC member Fikile Mbalula.

“It is not a question of threatening people, it is a question of articulating the position of the ANC,” adds Mbalula.

Mbalula was briefing the media on the Organisational Renewal and Design, ANC NEC member Fikile Mbalula says establishing a revolutionary electoral council will be able to fight factionalism each time when the party elects a new leader.

“The revolutionary council will elect amongst the best in the ANC not those who have retired themselves to the point in which that they are no longer interested to stand for leadership not by age and and the revolutionary council is going to help us exorcise the tendency of factionalism and allow leadership of the ANC to be discussed in the open,” he said.

The ANC also proposes that two thirds of its National Executive Committee members should be allowed to serve in government adding that this will help the ANC to intervene effectively where there are challenges.

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