Black Sniper Shoots 11 Police In Dalas

Snipper Shoots 11 Police, Four Fatally Wounded In Dallas

A sniper who is believed to be black has shot 11 police officer in Dallas killing 4 of them on the spot. The incident happened during BlackLivesMatter march that was staged in protest of black people killings by white police.

Two incidents where white policemen shot and killed black people were captured and circulated on social media.

The protest began at Belo Garden Park, across from Bank of America Plaza in the center of downtown Dallas, one of several largely peaceful demonstrations across American cities in response to the shootings this week of two African American men by white police officers.

“Enough is enough,” demonstrators shouted, holding signs that said, “If all lives matter, why are black ones taken so easily?” and “Hate will not win. #BlackLivesMatter.”




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