Only Black DA Marchers Show Up For Saxonwold Protest

White Marchers A No Show In DA’s March Against Guptas and President Jacob Zuma

Twitter did not give DA leader Mmusi Maimane a break after only black marchers showed up for a march which was organized by the party. Black marchers picketed on the streets of Saxonwold in Johannesburg to protest against “state capture by the Guptas family”.

But when pictures started making rounds on social platforms, showing only black marchers, people started asking Maimane to provide answers as to why whites never show up. More images taken from all angles were circulated on Twitter but still there was no sign of white DA supporters.

Maimane later delivered his message against Gupta family and President Jacob Zuma.

“Our message is clear: we reject the capture of our country by the rich and the corrupt, and we want real change. South Africa needs a new beginning, ushered in by a new government committed to fighting for the poor and the jobless, not the rich and the connected few,” said Maimane.

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