Ayanda Mabulu Obsessed With President Zuma Genitals

Ayanda Mabulu’s Painting An Expression of Homosexual Appetite and Obession About Male Genitals

Ayanda Mabulu’s latest painting is nothing but a man’s burning desire to express his obsession and appetite for Zuma’s genitals. He clearly seems to take a liking on Zuma’s. The painting is nothing but an expression of a sexually frustrated young man who hides behind art.

These are general views expressed by many people on social media under the hashtag #AyandaMabulu

It is not the first time that the artist has dropped a painting that expresses his imagination of male genitals including sizes and sexual positions that men can find pleasure in trying. In all his paintings of President Jacob Zuma, Mabulu is consistent about what he thinks his private parts look like. This can only explain what the artist has imagined over a very long period of time.

Ayanda Mabulu’s latest painting has angered many people who decided to take to social media and express their shock over his hatred of President Zuma. In an interview Mabulu made is clear that his work is inspired by his hatred of Jacob Zuma. He used swear words that had to be cut-off in order for the interview snippets to be aired on TV.

“What else has this idiot drawn before that a sober person can spend money purchasing? All this young man does is to show the public the degree of his sexual imagination of other men’s genitals and their sizes. Surely he has some problems with size and thinks that the public can somehow assist him.” wrote Bheki Ngema on Facebook.

“Only a fool can celebrate this degree of disrespect of any man by a young man who seems to be having homosexual desires. He must just come out of the closet because there are many men out there who will surely work on his behind that seems so troubled.” wrote Dion Matthews on Facebook hashtag #AyandaMabulu

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